Used Car Wars S01E07-E10 HDTV x264-TVC

Season 1, Episode 7
It's German week in Derby's never-ending car wars, with Geoff Cox's Audis pitted against Caralot's BMWs, and Jamie calls upon Captain Caralot himself to rescue a critical sale
Season 1, Episode 8
Geoff Cox plays host to a difficult customer, while all Caralot's prayers seem to be answered by an eager vicar.
Season 1, Episode 9
Two rival car showrooms wage a sales war, but both dealerships bank on low-cost, low-margin motors for speedy trades – meaning there is little haggling room for the punters.
Season 1, Episode 10
A sales war for two rival car dealerships in Derby comes to a head and the Geoff Cox lads are shook up when Elvis appears on their forecourt. Last in the series.

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